LS2 OF560 Travis Open Face Helmet - White


Comfortable lightweight open-face HPTT Composite helmet with extra large visor for choppers & customs, scooters and ATVs. This beautiful jet helmet has a large visor, larger than normal jet helmet to keep your face dry, warm and better protected against flies and other flying insects. The outer shell is made from very strong, elastic and absorbing HPTT Polycarbonate Composite. Moisture wicking, anti-oder, anti-bacterial lining is creating comfortable feel in the helmet. Extremely comfortable helmet has soft padded adjustable chin strap with quick release buckle. Weight only 1000g.

Shell: HPTT Polycarbonate Composite technology
Visor: Anti-fog/Anti-scratch Clear 3D Optically Correct
Retention system: Quick release buckle with micrometric adjustment
Liner: Moisture wicking, anti-oder, anti-bacterial
Weight: 1000 g +/- 50 g
ECE 22.05